About us


Our cooking philosophy

We pride ourselves on serving rich dishes, bold flavors and traditional classics, with the finest ingredients from local producers and qualified breeders.

Home cooking

In Grillicious we don’t only serve perfectly grilled meat. Every day we offer 5 different greek casseroles. We prepare our dishes, with lots of care and love for the greek culinary tradition. Special attention is paid to the quality of all ingredients; all plates are freshly prepared, while we cook using greek virgin olive oil.

Our goal is to offer authentic homemade tastes that bring back memories from our childhood. With great respect, we combine traditional recipes and contemporary techniques and we invite you to taste the most delicious version of the greek cuisine. 



Santorini boasts sublime produce, due to its volcanic soil and its distinctive weather conditions. The secret to all of our successful recipes lies in the pure ingredients we use from the land and sea of Santorini and other places of Greece. With daily visits to the local market and a careful selection of suppliers and producers, we only choose the best materials to cook for you and your loved ones. In our rich menu you will find local products that give a unique flavor to our dishes. Taste chloro, a fresh cheese made from goat’s milk, with a distinctive soft and creamy texture and our tomatokeftedes (tomato fritters) made with the sweet cherry tomatoes that grow in Santorini.



Who can resist a juicy steak? If you seek for the perfectly grilled and top quality meat, you are in the right place. Pure raw materials, excellent cuts and skillful grilling offer a unique tasting experience to meat fanatics. Picanha, tomahawk steak and high quality greek meat are cut and grilled as required, and brought to your table just the way you want them. Our passion for excellent meat and the flawless grilling of each specific cut comprise the principles of the most specialized grill restaurant in Santorini.